How to find work life balance in the kitchen

Live somewhere like the Okanagan 

Time & money. Two things we all want but we sometimes find lacking. Whether due to not being able to find the time in our busy lifestyles or just wanting to keep our budgets balanced, more and more Canadians seem to be dropping the exotic destination vacation in favour of a staycation.

With another busy summer winding down, the Start Fresh Kitchen team got to talking about this and joking about how we’re so busy we don’t even take staycations. While helping others with the Start Fresh Project, building our new partnership with Third Space Coffee, and orchestrating our regular kitchen and catering work, we put in some pretty long days. Yet none of us would trade it because we love what we do and where we do it!

Michael Buffett + Sarah Martin

We’re so fortunate to live in the Okanagan. People travel from around the world to experience a week or two in the Okanagan and we get to live it every single day. Living here is like being on a permanent working staycation. Even when you’re mentally and physically drained from putting in an honest day’s work, once you step into that warm valley air it’s hard not to want to go out and enjoy it. Add in some fine Okanagan wine and something to nibble on from a fruit stand, and you’re in heaven.

Here are a few more things you can add to your "Things to do in the Okanagan" list to make the most of your “working staycation”:

Things to do in the Okanagan:

Explore the Walkway at City Park

City Park is a nice place to be during the day, but we feel it truly comes alive at night. Everything is lit up, the weather turns comfortably cool, and you can hear music and the sounds of people enjoying themselves from every corner. Touring the walkway is a great way to experience the best of everything Kelowna offers, from downtown nightlife at one end to a quiet nature preserve at the other. Plus, it’s free!

Wine Tasting

This one’s a no brainer. From the subtle whites of the North Okanagan to the robust, peppery reds of the south, you’ve got to experience our wine culture. Sure, it can seem intimidating at first but once a good sommelier shows you the ropes, you’ll be hooked. The Scenic Sip tour in Lake Country, the Fab Five in South East Kelowna, and the Lakeshore Wine Route in the Mission are three superb routes.

Take a Cooking Class

The valley offers some fantastic growing conditions which leads to some world class fruits and veggies growing here. So, let’s do the math. You love food. You’re surrounded by fresh ingredients. You need something to do. Why not learn to chef it up with one of our cooking classes? OK, that was a shameless plug. But seriously, we can teach you how to cook dishes that’ll impress even your most discriminating (discerning) foodie friends. We can also cater your private dinners if you want a more intimate evening

It’s easy to take what we have for granted but the next time you’re moping because you can’t go on some exotic tour in a far off country, do us a favour; bring some fresh apples to the lookout at Knox Mountain Park and watch the lake shimmer as the sun dips behind the mountains. If that’s not a reminder you live in paradise, we don’t know what is. But odds are we’ll cover it in the next blog. Until then, stay fresh!