It's Tomato Season!

Out on the Start Fresh farm, walking through the rows is always exciting this time of year. The lush green plants remind me why we put so much effort into growing food. And the first time I see the deep red of a ripening tomato in between the vines I still get a little taken back, realizing the reward for all the months of anticipation. (This year we planted well over 200 tomato plants, far above our 50 plants of last year and a new record for the farm!)

Tomatoes are one of those things that you can find a use for all over the kitchen. Mountain Mama’s canning method is a great way to ensure you have access to fresh tomatoes year round, but if you’re anything like me, the freshness of a tomato that has just ripened in the sun is something that is best enjoyed fresh.



I am a huge fan of the classics, and finding ways to use fresh produce in them is something Chefs wait all year for. Since I entered the industry 20 years ago, I have been making the classic Caprese salad. It's as simple as a tomato and mozzarella salad sounds to make, I am going to give you a few tricks that will help transform this fresh summer favourite into the noteworthy Caprese.

The most important thing to remember when creating this dish is something that rings true for all cooking, and something we educate on during every cooking class at Start Fresh. You need to use great ingredients to make great food. Roma tomatoes from the grocery store and mozzarella from a bucket are simply not going to give you the results you’re looking for. So I’ll let you in on a few special places to visit.

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Thank you to Purppl who wrote this "looking back" article on Start Fresh. What a year it has been. Have a read!

"It started with a simple idea of hosting monthly cooking classes at the CMHA, and grew from a side step into a full-on journey. The classes were instantly popular. A farm was donated. The classes turned into the Culinary Arts and Farming Education (CAFE) Program, a free program that inspires folks about food while preparing them to rejoin the workforce by gaining education in cooking and farming skill sets. It also includes creating access to long-term, meaningful employment to help them thrive.

The Start Fresh Kitchen was created to help support the non-profit partner society, the Start Fresh Project, which created a unique for-profit / non-profit social enterprise. Michael Buffett and Sarah Martin, co-founders and life partners, began their version of the classic entrepreneurial story. Catering, boutique cooking classes, a restaurant, a non-profit and much more.

Signed life away to get a loan. Close friend and advisor invested in project. Partnership created to secure stable, long-term customers. Worked 80-100 hours per week. Catering, boutique cooking classes, a restaurant, a non-profit and much more. Paid themselves last, or not at all. Laughed. Cried. Loved. Employed 22 people within 12 months. 

Overnight success story, right?"


ChangeUp - Start Fresh wants to say thank you!

To live in such a vibrant community is a gift. Being chosen as one of the 6 finalists to pitch at ChangeUp along side many other amazing socially enterprises was an honour. And winning Judges Choice and the Crowd Pleaser awards made me speechless... For a few days at least I didn't know what to say. Today I break the silence to say "Thank You" from our team here at Start Fresh.


Thank you to the competitors: Habitat for Humanity (another winner), Change Gamers, Do Some Good (previously Volinspire) , One-Big-Table, and Elevation outdoors. What an amazing showing from businesses for social good. 

Thank you to PurpplValley First and everyone who helped plan and fund the event. One-Big-Table who catered the event, and all of the people who attended. We are excited to have a six month contract with Purppl: the social enterprise incubator and have some attention do detail with our financial from KPMG.

The Okanagan is a place I've come to love. The people in this community have heart. They want to see everyone treated with dignity and respect, feel like they belong, and have access to meaningful employment and healthy food. That is what we are all about at Start Fresh and it's inspiring to hear everyones stories and the work they are going in the community.


START FRESH - Our Newsletter - Spring 2018

Eighteen months into nonprofit management (and six months into its sister business venture) it goes without saying that we’re learning A LOT.

Yes, there is plenty to consider in the making of non-profit magic — strategic direction, organizational efficiency, budget balancing, community engagement, and of course teaching farming and cooking. But what we’re learning about being successful, feeling successful, and promoting success for others has become a central focus this past year. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.45.53 PM.png

It can be easy to believe that success is the same for everyone, and that getting there is a simple straight line if the doors are opened for us. Yet the truth is, helping others requires a great deal of listening and providing support in the ways that support is genuinely needed, not simply in the way that might suit the structure we’ve created. So while we thought we had the answers to every question as leaders of the programming, we found that we have garnered far more — by listening to the stories of our participants and our community — than we ever expected. Success really does appear more often in the small moments, and sometimes the goal simply acts as a great magnet that pulls us forward. 

From Board President Michael Buffett, “One of our participants said something that sticks with me on a daily basis. She said that when she started in the program, it was mostly because she needed to find a job. Yet in the process of committing to the program, and coming every week to meet with the Start Fresh team and the other participants, that theProject has become a much bigger part of her recovery. It gave me goosebumps! The Start Fresh Project was started to help people struggling with life get the skills they need to get jobs. It turns out it’s more than that — we really are building a healthier community, in more ways than we realized.”

All Together Now (You Are the ‘We’ in this Next Bit)

Considering that we only started our work in 2016, we have seen massive growth. With the support of federal and provincial funding, we first turned our pop-up cooking education classes into a complete Culinary Arts and Farming Education (CAFE) Training Program and launched in July, which is completely free for people in our community that need it. We have completed a successful farming season on land generously shared with us by Davara Holdings, seeds gifted by the community at Seedy Saturdays throughout the Okanagan, along with three summer students employed through the Government of Canada’s Summer Jobs Program. Through the season we were able to develop and improve the farm thanks to the efforts of an outstanding fundraising soirée at Quails’ Gate Winery (for which we’d like to thank the Stewart family, Winery Chef Roger Sleiman and his great brigade, Top Table Restaurant Group’s Executive Chef Quang Dang from Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, the Okanagan Chefs’ Association, and the many folks who contributed so generously to our auction) and our local Interior Savings, which provided the means to diversify with bee keeping equipment and a chicken coop!

Telus Grant Reception.JPG

We have been able to provide our program participants with an incredible location to study in each week —the Start Fresh Kitchen — which is a source of consistent and long-term funding for the Project, as the farm’s produce is purchased directly by the Kitchen. Telus Community Grants has provided us the ability to sustainably employ our Program Co-ordinator to continue her work with our participants and strengthen our community partnerships through the winter. The Central Okanagan Foundation stepped forward late in the year and provided essential funding to continue the efforts of our community awareness initiatives and work towards our second program enrolment for Spring 2018. And certainly, our partnerships through Third Space Life Charity and Third Space Coffee have allowed for many beautifully aligned community partnerships to form, and our participants to thrive.  Most recently, Trinity Baptist Church has offered to provide support through their annual Christmas fundraising. Special thanks also to seed, Kelowna’s local Acro-Jam Yoga community, and to each and every individual who has donated or supported us along the way, via your mentorship or by attending one of our regularly scheduled dinners at The Kitchen.

It was a Year of True Growth

The donations have gone a long way to building the full year-long curriculum that is the basis for the Start Fresh Project’s CAFE program. They were also used to create our teaching farm where we grew over  1000 lbs of produce, raising over $3,000 for the project. We learned a lot about our land and what it loves to grow, and in 2018 we expect that number to triple. The farm was supported by 16 amazing volunteers throughout the season for an average of 15 hours each, totalling 240 hours of farm work donated. Between the kitchen and farm, we employed 15 people in our food service and farming initiatives. In our community classes we taught 156 people about healthy eating, and enrolled 9 individuals ready to change their lives in our pilot CAFE Program. And here’s a wow - at over 50 dinners at our Kitchen, we hosted 1000 guests, and catered over 100 events feeding 2500 in adjacent office towers and elsewhere.

During the first four months of the CAFE Program, participants receive weekly training on all aspects of cooking and farming, and they are able to build their resume skill-set by providing them with a strong theory-base and practical certifications, including:

FoodSafe, Level I - The gold standard of food service industry accreditationss, covering safe food handling, storage, and rotation practices;

Serving It Right™ -  BC’s mandatory course educating food service employees about their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol;

Kelowna Fire Department - Fire Suppression Training, for use in both farm and kitchen safety;

AgSafe BC - on-site farm safety training, providing training on proper equipment use, animal handling, WHMIS awareness, and self-care on the farm.

CAFE Program 1.JPG

Five of our participants have successfully completed Level One, and are currently working in hospitality or are in our Level Two training course. Level Two will also provide a full hands-on application of their skills as we begin formal employment through the Kitchen and begin to plant the farm in early spring. 

And we are getting really excited about our Second enrolment of participants in May 2018! Through a year of learning during the Pilot Program, we have adapted the program to make it better suited to our participants’ goals and needs.

We’re always telling folks that they can get involved simply by eating good food, and it’s true! 

The Start Fresh Kitchen provides funding for our non-profit by purchasing vegetables grown on the farm, by providing instructors and teaching space for our weekly classes, and most importantly, by creating community awareness of what we do.. One of the joys of the past year has been meeting so many  socially-consciousfolks at work in our beautiful city. Their example is impressive. So whether you join the Start Fresh Kitchen for a cooking class, host a special event or board meeting in our private dining room, or invite us to cater for you — you really are helping your community. 

It is simply incredible for our team to meet the people in our community that reach out every week with ideas of how to involve their school, their place of work, or their family in what we’re up to. So if you have an idea or special way you’d like to help get involved, please reach out to and we will be happy to partner with you in all ways possible!


Purppl was kind enough to feature us in their monthly profile: The Start Fresh Project Society is a non-profit that provides access to healthy food, outdoor activities, sustainable farming skills, cooking skills, life skills, and direct connections to meaningful employment through their Culinary Arts and Farm Education (CAFE) Program. The program is geared towards empowering vulnerable community members to make positive changes in their lives through connecting to local food via a farm-to-table approach. READ THE REST HERE

Okanagan Changemakers Present: Change-up 3

Start Fresh has been chosen as one of the 6 finalists to pitch at ChangeUp 3 on November 2nd at the Kelowna Community Theatre. To be chosen for an event that showcases the best in social entrepreneurship is a real honour. We are inspired by the people we meet in the Okanagan Valley. Please come out and hear the inspiring stories of the local heroes in our community. Each finalist will have 5 minutes up onstage to fast pitch their social enterprise and the audience votes on the winner. Hope to you can join us for the event. Purchase your tickets here:

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How to find work life balance in the kitchen

Live somewhere like the Okanagan 

Time & money. Two things we all want but we sometimes find lacking. Whether due to not being able to find the time in our busy lifestyles or just wanting to keep our budgets balanced, more and more Canadians seem to be dropping the exotic destination vacation in favour of a staycation.

With another busy summer winding down, the Start Fresh Kitchen team got to talking about this and joking about how we’re so busy we don’t even take staycations. While helping others with the Start Fresh Project, building our new partnership with Third Space Coffee, and orchestrating our regular kitchen and catering work, we put in some pretty long days. Yet none of us would trade it because we love what we do and where we do it!

Michael Buffett + Sarah Martin

We’re so fortunate to live in the Okanagan. People travel from around the world to experience a week or two in the Okanagan and we get to live it every single day. Living here is like being on a permanent working staycation. Even when you’re mentally and physically drained from putting in an honest day’s work, once you step into that warm valley air it’s hard not to want to go out and enjoy it. Add in some fine Okanagan wine and something to nibble on from a fruit stand, and you’re in heaven.

Here are a few more things you can add to your "Things to do in the Okanagan" list to make the most of your “working staycation”:

Things to do in the Okanagan:

Explore the Walkway at City Park

City Park is a nice place to be during the day, but we feel it truly comes alive at night. Everything is lit up, the weather turns comfortably cool, and you can hear music and the sounds of people enjoying themselves from every corner. Touring the walkway is a great way to experience the best of everything Kelowna offers, from downtown nightlife at one end to a quiet nature preserve at the other. Plus, it’s free!

Wine Tasting

This one’s a no brainer. From the subtle whites of the North Okanagan to the robust, peppery reds of the south, you’ve got to experience our wine culture. Sure, it can seem intimidating at first but once a good sommelier shows you the ropes, you’ll be hooked. The Scenic Sip tour in Lake Country, the Fab Five in South East Kelowna, and the Lakeshore Wine Route in the Mission are three superb routes.

Take a Cooking Class

The valley offers some fantastic growing conditions which leads to some world class fruits and veggies growing here. So, let’s do the math. You love food. You’re surrounded by fresh ingredients. You need something to do. Why not learn to chef it up with one of our cooking classes? OK, that was a shameless plug. But seriously, we can teach you how to cook dishes that’ll impress even your most discriminating (discerning) foodie friends. We can also cater your private dinners if you want a more intimate evening

It’s easy to take what we have for granted but the next time you’re moping because you can’t go on some exotic tour in a far off country, do us a favour; bring some fresh apples to the lookout at Knox Mountain Park and watch the lake shimmer as the sun dips behind the mountains. If that’s not a reminder you live in paradise, we don’t know what is. But odds are we’ll cover it in the next blog. Until then, stay fresh!

4 Helpful Ways Start Fresh Can Decrease Homelessness In Kelowna

Kelowna has a serious problem with homelessness, an issue that’s consistently addressed in various news outlets around the city. What if there was a unique way to decrease the homeless population in the Okanagan through the skillful art of cooking? Well, there is! Our goal through The Start Fresh Culinary Arts and Education Program is to get people off the streets and into the kitchen by teaching them the skills necessary to enter the culinary workforce. Here are 4 detailed ways our project can help. 

baking bread - Kelowna catering

1. Gives Those Struggling A Sense Of Purpose

There are plenty of psychological benefits to cooking, and one of them is providing people with a sense of purpose. Whether one whips up a quick and easy spaghetti dinner or they decide to create a gourmet feast, once they’ve finished up and their meal is successful, they’re more likely to feel competent

Choosing the ingredients and carefully preparing the meal allows them to experience the meaning of responsibility; the process of seeing something through from start to finish can provide the cook with a sense of accomplishment. Cooking will not only teach those struggling a valuable skill, but can also allow them to pass that skill onto others, helping them feel rewarded, fulfilled, and left with a sense of purpose. 

2. Cooking Can Help With Mental Health Problems

Did you know cooking can help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, which is common in people who are homeless? By introducing them to the kitchen, they’ll learn to practice mindfulness and appreciation while enjoying a newfound creative outlet that could contribute to a boost in self-esteem. These are all great ways to help improve symptoms of difficult mental health issues.  

3. Our Training Leads To Jobs

The education levels found in our homeless population is typically lower than the general public’s, which makes it more difficult for them to find and secure meaningful work. Our Culinary Arts and Education Program prepares at-risk individuals for the workforce by helping them gain the cooking and farming skills needed to find jobs. Through our various partnerships with farms and restaurants, our mission is to ensure all graduates find culinary work in the Okanagan following their training. 

4. Culinary Positions That Come With Housing

To ensure our graduates have a roof over their heads when the day is done, we’re also working to partner up with organizations who provide housing to staff. We need to help our participants every step of the way, so making sure they have shelter is exceptionally important to us.  

By supporting Start Fresh, you can help those in need get off the streets and into the workforce. Click here to donate now

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Fundraising Dinner

On Saturday, July 22nd,  Quails’ Gate Winery hosted a special A Midsummer Night’s Dream Fundraising Dinner in collaboration with Vancouver’s renowned West Restaurant and Opera Kelowna, resulting in over $10,500 being raised for the Start Fresh Project.


Appropriately tailored to the Midsummer Night’s Dream theme, the group of 70 guests were treated to a private performance from Opera Kelowna prior to enjoying an exquisite 5-course farm-to-vineyard menu from Quails’ Gate Winery Chef Roger Sleiman and West Restaurant Executive Chef Quang Dang. Signature plates included a selection of produce from the Start Fresh teaching farm located in Kelowna’s Lower Mission. READ MORE HERE