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We are a socially-responsible and innovative cooking school and catering company.

Our Story

In early 2016, Start Fresh took root with founder Michael Buffett in the central Okanagan. A chef on a simple mission, he and his team began facilitating culinary education programming to inspire people about food. Recognizing a greater need within local social service organizations, the non-profit program has now expanded to include teaching of employment and necessary life skills, while creating access to long-term meaningful employment. This is how our team was formed, and the talented chefs involved now bring the same knowledge and skills into the spotlight of a Collaborative Kitchen, creating a truly community-based kitchen that cater events, and facilitate boutique cooking classes.  We cater weddings in Kelowna, as well as catering for offices and events all over the Okanagan

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Michael and his team are working hard to expand the project with the help of other community groups. They now have access to a teaching farm on KLO, that will be used to grow food for classes, community groups, and catering events. Word about the Start Fresh Project is spreading throughout the Okanagan, and the team is also invested in helping other community gardens. Check it out at

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